Saturday, September 13, 2008

Full Up, My Friends

First off, greetings! I’m glad to welcome you to the newest source for analysis and news of the game called soccer, football or fútbol.

A lot of the coverage will surround my favorite teams, which are as follows: Real Madrid, USA, Spain, and DC United (I follow them living here in the DC area). Among the leagues, I follow the EPL, La Liga and MLS. However, I do keep my eyes glued to news about soccer from around the world, from transfer news to domestic league cups to Champions League to World Cup qualifiers to Americans playing internationally.

Life in 1-1-8 is a tribute to the greatest formation in soccer, the 1-1-8, because sometimes in life you just gotta have 8 forwards. Being aggressive is the key, and my analysis of current soccer news will be just that. In true Word Life fashion, I keep it real but I keep it fair. If some knowledge needs to be dropped, I will do it. But, I hope that this can become a place that I will post regular analysis on what’s going on in the soccer world. So, welcome, but please make sure you knock the dirt off your cleats before you come in. Word Life.

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