Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Milan to offer £4.5 million to keep Becks

The news out of the San Siro is that AC Milan is looking to speak with the agent of David Beckham as well as the LA Galaxy to try and complete a deal to keep Becks with the Rossoneri permanently. Reports are they are prepared to offer £4.5 million to make the loan deal permanent. Now, it’s still unclear whether the Galaxy will accept the deal. There are also reports that while David is keen on staying in Italy, his wife, singer/entertainer Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, does not want to move their children to another non-English speaking country. What is clear, however, is that Becks is in good form with Milan, and the way he is playing with them, his chances of making the English team and going to the World Cup in 2010 increase that much more. Everyone had heard the rumors that the loan deal could possibly turn into something more, but now this rumor has legs and it’s running fast. Beckham has an escape clause in his contract that he can exercise after the 2009 MLS season, and if that were to happen, MLS could see its most famous player leave without compensation. It's also unclear how much Milan will have to sweeten the deal to make it so that Becks doesn't lose too much of the money from his lucrative contract he currently has with the Galaxy. We will see if the Galaxy and MLS agree to a transfer fee, but it’s quite possible that we could continue to see Becks in the Red & Black #32 shirt for a long while, possibly the rest of his career.

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